Posted:March 17, 2021

More PDF Chapters

A Knowledge Representation PractionaryFive More Chapters from AKRP Now Available

I have added five more chapters from my book, A Knowledge Representation Practionary, as free PDF downloads in the author’s (preprint) version.

In this latest release, I have added these chapters: 4. The Opportunity, 7. A KR Terminology, 10. Modular, Expandable Typologies, 13. Building Out the System, and 16. Potential Uses in Depth.

This latest release continues the process to release all of the book chapters in the author’s version. I welcome your feedback and comments.

Springer subscribers still have free access to the official version of the book in PDF form and for $25 can obtain a softcover, printed version. However, for all others, please refer to my standard AKRP page for updates on additional free chapters. Markup

More PDF Chapters

Selected Chapters from A Knowledge Representation Practionary Now Available in Author's Version



Five new preprint chapters from my book, A Knowledge Representation Practionary, now available;

see above


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