Sweet Tools Listing

This is the simple version of the Sweet Tools listing, provided to those who want to see all listings on a single page. For more complete listings and to filter and sort results, see this comprehensive Sweet Tools listing.

Tool & Link Category Tool & Link Category
I-X Process Panels Agents/Agent Systems Exteca Ontology (general)
Nuin BDI Agent Engine Agents/Agent Systems ExtrAKT Ontology (general)
Zeus Agent Toolkit Agents/Agent Systems F-Life Ontology (general)
GoldenOrb Analysis (esp Graph) Foxtrot Ontology (general)
TMVE Analysis (esp Graph) Fullish Test Suite Ontology (general)
AnnoCultor Tagger Annotator GOLD Miner Ontology (general)
Annotea Annotator HyperDAML Ontology (general)
Annozilla Annotator IODT Ontology (general)
Apolda Annotator KAON Ontology (general)
BibSonomy Annotator LexiLink Ontology (general)
Bibster Annotator LexOWL Ontology (general)
Caboto Annotator LODE Ontology (general)
Callisto Annotator LSW Ontology (general)
Clipmarks Annotator Mastro Ontology (general)
COHSE Annotator mopy Ontology (general)
D3E Annotator NKE Ontology (general)
Dannotate Annotator OntoCAT Ontology (general)
DBin Annotator OntoComP Ontology (general)
DBpedia Spotlight Annotator Ontodella Ontology (general)
DEVONthink Annotator Ontolingua Ontology (general)
ED (Entity Describer) Annotator Ontology Metrics Ontology (general)
Epiphany Annotator OntoSpec Ontology (general)
eServices Annotator OntoVCS Ontology (general)
Faviki Annotator OntoWeaver Ontology (general)
Fistful of LOD Annotator OPML Support Ontology (general)
GoNTogle Annotator ORE Ontology (general)
GoodRelations Annotator Annotator OWL API Ontology (general)
GroupMe! Annotator OWL Module Extractor Ontology (general)
HyperBK Annotator OWL Verbalizer Ontology (general)
ImageNotion Annotator OWLLib Ontology (general)
Kraken Annotator OWLlink API Ontology (general)
Loomp Annotator OLWTools Ontology (general)
Melita Annotator Parrot Ontology (general)
MindRaider Annotator Posh Ontology (general)
MnM Annotator pOWL Ontology (general)
Morpho Annotator PROMPT Ontology (general)
One Click Annotator Annotator RDF evoc (external vocabulary importer) Ontology (general)
OntoGloss Annotator ROC Ontology (general)
OntoMat Annotizer Annotator ROWL Ontology (general)
Ontos API Annotator Sage Ontology (general)
Open Sahara Annotator Schema-Cache Ontology (general)
PhotoStuff Annotator SegmentationApp Ontology (general)
SAWSDL Editor Annotator Semantic Net Generator Ontology (general)
Semantic Tools for Web Services Annotator SETH Ontology (general)
SHAME Annotator SMORE Ontology (general)
Stanbol Annotator SOBOLEO Ontology (general)
Swipe Annotator SOFA Ontology (general)
Sztakipedia Annotator SpecGen Ontology (general)
Trellis Annotator Tab2OwlClass Ontology (general)
VUE Annotator Thea Ontology (general)
WGFA Annotator Thea2 Ontology (general)
XMP Annotator ThManager Ontology (general)
AKT-Bus APIs and Middleware TONES Ontology Repository Ontology (general)
JessTab APIs and Middleware Topincs Ontology (general)
ORDI SG APIs and Middleware TwoUse Toolkit Ontology (general)
RDF::Sesame APIs and Middleware Visual Ontology Manager Ontology (general)
SemCocoon APIs and Middleware WebScripter Ontology (general)
SemFS APIs and Middleware WOM Ontology (general)
CumulusRDF APIS/Middleware Alignment API Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Erfurt APIS/Middleware ASMOV Ontology Mapper/Mediator
AGWebView Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Bubastis Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Androjena Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Chimaera Ontology Mapper/Mediator
AquaBrowser Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) CMS Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Blacklight Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) COLANUT Ontology Mapper/Mediator
blueorganizer Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) COMA++ Ontology Mapper/Mediator
BrownSauce Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) ConcepTool Ontology Mapper/Mediator
BrowseRDF Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) ConRef Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Collex Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) DRAGO Ontology Mapper/Mediator
CS AKTiveSpace Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Falcon-AO Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Dbpedia Mobile Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) hMAFRA (Harmonize Mapping Framework) Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Disco Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) IF-Map Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Explorator Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) LILY Ontology Mapper/Mediator
/facet Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Linked Data Mapper Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Facetmap Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) MAFRA Toolkit Ontology Mapper/Mediator
gFacet Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) MapPSO Ontology Mapper/Mediator
GrOWL Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) myOntology Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Gruff Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) NOR20 Ontology Mapper/Mediator
HyperScope Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OLA/OLA2 Ontology Mapper/Mediator
iServe Browser Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OntoEngine Ontology Mapper/Mediator
JeromeDL Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OWL Syntax Converter Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Joost Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OWLdiff Ontology Mapper/Mediator
jOWL Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OWLS-MX Ontology Mapper/Mediator
LOD Browser Switch Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Potluck Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Longwell Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) PRIOR+ Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Magpie Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) RiMOM Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Marbles Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) S-Match Ontology Mapper/Mediator
mSpace Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) semMF Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Neologism Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) SERIMI Ontology Mapper/Mediator
OAI Repository Explorer Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Snoggle Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Object Viewer Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Snoggle Ontology Mapper/Mediator
oBrowse Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Terminator Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Ocelot Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Vine Ontology Mapper/Mediator
OCHRE Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) ZOOMA Ontology Mapper/Mediator
Ontology Browser Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Adaptiva Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Ontosaurus Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Altova SemanticWorks Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
OpenCyc KB Browser Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) COE Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
OpenLink Data Explorer (ODE) Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Collaborative Protege Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
OwlSight Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Conzilla Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Pelorus Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Topbraid EVN Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Piggy Bank Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) FlexViz Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Quanta Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) FluentEditor for OWL Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Queso Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) HIVE Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Razorbase Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Hozo Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Rhodonite Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) iQvoc Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
SemanticSTEP Viewer Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) ITM 3 Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Sembrowser Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Lexaurus Editor Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Sheaflight Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Model Futures OWL Editor Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Sig.ma Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OBDA Plugin Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
SKOS Reader Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OBO-Edit Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Sparallax Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OCS - Ontology Creation System Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Strata Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Omnigator Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Tabulator Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OntoGen Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
tFacet Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OntoTrack Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Thea-VBA Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OWL-S-editor Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Topodia Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) OWLGrEd Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Twine Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) PoolParty Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
VisiNav Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) POPL Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Visor Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Populus Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Zitgist DataViewer Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Protege Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
zLinks Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) Protege Plugin Library Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Zotero Browser (RDF, OWL, etc) ReTAX+ Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
JQbus Chat-related ROO Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
SparqlXMPP Chat-related SKOSEd Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
xOperator Chat-related SKOSsy Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Community Knowledge Services Collaboration Systems Snow Owl Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Compendium Collaboration Systems structOntology Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
ekoss.org Collaboration Systems SWOOP Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
KRAFT - I-X TIE Collaboration Systems TELOS OWL Editor Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Refinder Collaboration Systems TemaTres Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
AliBaba Composite App/Framework TopBraid Composer Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Ambra Composite App/Framework Vitro Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Amine Composite App/Framework VocBench Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Anzo Composite App/Framework WebOnto Ontology/Vocabulary Editor
Asio Composite App/Framework AnnoCultor Converter Parser or Converter
Brainlets Composite App/Framework Attempto Parsing Engine Parser or Converter
Callimachus Composite App/Framework Babel Parser or Converter
Cerebra Server Composite App/Framework Banach Parser or Converter
cfsemantics Composite App/Framework BMEcat2GoodRelations Parser or Converter
ClioPatria Composite App/Framework ConverterFromRDF Parser or Converter
COEUS Composite App/Framework ConverterToRDF Parser or Converter
conStruct SCS Composite App/Framework csv2rdf Parser or Converter
Corese Composite App/Framework csv2rdf4lod Parser or Converter
CubicWeb Composite App/Framework CustomRDFDialects Parser or Converter
Eep3 Composite App/Framework Distillter Parser or Converter
Endeca Composite App/Framework Drive Parser or Converter
Fascinator Composite App/Framework Fastr Parser or Converter
Fedora Composite App/Framework fyzz Parser or Converter
Flare Composite App/Framework Gadget Parser or Converter
GATE - General Architecture for Text Engineering Composite App/Framework Gloze Parser or Converter
GLS Composite App/Framework Google Refine Parser or Converter
hyperDE Composite App/Framework Grit Parser or Converter
IBM Semantics Toolkit Composite App/Framework hpricot Parser or Converter
Intelligent Topic Manager Composite App/Framework JavaScript RDF/Turtle parser Parser or Converter
iServe Composite App/Framework Jena GRDDL Reader Parser or Converter
Jena Composite App/Framework Jena Sesame Model Parser or Converter
Jiqs4OWL Composite App/Framework jREST Parser or Converter
KIM Platform Composite App/Framework JXML2OWL Mapper Parser or Converter
LarKC Composite App/Framework librdfa Parser or Converter
Linked Media Framework Composite App/Framework Morph Parser or Converter
MetaMatrix Composite App/Framework NG4J Parser or Converter
Metatomix Composite App/Framework opml Parser or Converter
NeOn Toolkit Composite App/Framework OWL-S2UDDI Parser or Converter
OntoStudio Composite App/Framework OWLtoSKOS Parser or Converter
OntoViews Composite App/Framework pyrple Parser or Converter
Open Anzo Composite App/Framework PySesame Parser or Converter
Open Sahara Server Composite App/Framework Raptor Parser or Converter
OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) Composite App/Framework RDF::Notation3 Parser or Converter
PCPACK5 Composite App/Framework RDF::Simple Parser or Converter
RAPPTOR Composite App/Framework RDF2dataRSS Parser or Converter
ReDBox Composite App/Framework RDF2HTML Parser or Converter
Redland Composite App/Framework RDF2RDFa Parser or Converter
Rx4RDF Composite App/Framework RDFizers Parser or Converter
S3DB - simple sloppy semantic database Composite App/Framework RDFParser Parser or Converter
Seamark Navigator Composite App/Framework ReDeFer Parser or Converter
Semantic Discovery System Composite App/Framework Rio Parser or Converter
Semantica Composite App/Framework Semantic LDAP Parser or Converter
Semaphore Composite App/Framework Sesame-Jena Adapter Parser or Converter
SemaRule Navigator Composite App/Framework SKOS2GenTax Parser or Converter
semweb4j Composite App/Framework Skosify Parser or Converter
Sewese Composite App/Framework Spiral Parser or Converter
Sidewinder Composite App/Framework Structured Data Linter Parser or Converter
SLRP Composite App/Framework Swignition Parser or Converter
structWSF Composite App/Framework Trang Parser or Converter
SWI-Prolog Composite App/Framework TransOnto Parser or Converter
Talend Composite App/Framework Tripliser Parser or Converter
Talis Platform Composite App/Framework Ubiquity-RDFa Parser or Converter
TopBraid Live Composite App/Framework XLWrap Parser or Converter
WSMO Studio Composite App/Framework XML2OWL Parser or Converter
WSMT Toolkit Composite App/Framework XML2RDF Parser or Converter
WSMX Composite App/Framework xml2owl Parser or Converter
Live Clipboard Copy-and-Paste XSD2OWL Parser or Converter
AceWiki Data Language PingtheSemanticWeb Pinging/Notification
COCKATOO Data Language Algae Query Language/Service
cwm Data Language DARQ Query Language/Service
DSPL Data Language Empire Query Language/Service
Gremlin Data Language Internet Business Logic SOA Endpoint Query Language/Service
irON Data Language LinqToRDF Query Language/Service
LDPath Data Language Phesesame Query Language/Service
Neno Data Language Polaris Query Language/Service
nl Data Language Pubby Query Language/Service
OPPL2 Data Language Rasqual Query Language/Service
Ripple Data Language RDF SPARQL Proxy Query Language/Service
Scardf Data Language rdfQuery Query Language/Service
SPARQL Data Language RDQL Query Language/Service
SPARQLMotion Data Language semWIQ Query Language/Service
TopSPIN Data Language sparql-query Query Language/Service
TriG Data Language SPARQLer Query Language/Service
Triple Data Language SPARQLette Query Language/Service
Turtle Data Language SPARQLfed Query Language/Service
Exhibit Data Presentation SparqlTrainer Query Language/Service
Fresnel Data Presentation SPASQL Query Language/Service
Google Refine RDF Extension Data Presentation SQUIN Query Language/Service
JFresnel Data Presentation Trippi Query Language/Service
LENA Data Presentation TriQL Query Language/Service
LESS Data Presentation tSPARQL Query Language/Service
map4rdf Data Presentation Twinkle Query Language/Service
Pedro Data Presentation Vague Query Responder Query Language/Service
Spark Data Presentation Versa Query Language/Service
SPARQLTree Data Presentation XPARQL Query Language/Service
Tal4RDF Data Presentation Cuebee Query Language Service
TopBraid Ensemble Data Presentation OWL2Query Query Language Service
protocol buffers Data Structs EasyRDF RDF
3store Database/Datastore jtrioo RDF
Aduna Metadata Server Database/Datastore pyroo RDF
AllegroGraph Database/Datastore rdf-mongo RDF
BigData Database/Datastore sw-widgets RDF
Brahms Database/Datastore AJAR RDF Library RDF (general)
d2p-bridge Database/Datastore ARC RDF (general)
D2R Server Database/Datastore Carp RDF (general)
DSpace Database/Datastore dotNetRDF RDF (general)
Dydra Database/Datastore Fhat RDF (general)
Freebase Database/Datastore Flickr2RDF RDF (general)
HAWK Database/Datastore Flickurl RDF (general)
Hbase/RDF Database/Datastore freebase-owl RDF (general)
HypergraphDB Database/Datastore gnogno RDF (general)
Joseki Database/Datastore Graphite RDF (general)
Kowari Database/Datastore Greengrass RDF (general)
LOOT Database/Datastore Hercules RDF (general)
Mulgara Database/Datastore LODr RDF (general)
Oracle Spatial 11g Database/Datastore ODO RDF (general)
OWLDB Database/Datastore Oroboro RDF (general)
OWLIM Database/Datastore PHP XML Classes RDF (general)
Oyster Database/Datastore POPS RDF (general)
Parliament Database/Datastore RAP RDF (general)
Profium Metadata Server Database/Datastore RDF Alchemy RDF (general)
RAP NetAPI Database/Datastore RDF API RDF (general)
RDF Gateway Database/Datastore RDF CCK RDF (general)
RDF2Go Database/Datastore RDF Entity Manager RDF (general)
RDFGrowthServer Database/Datastore RDF Filter RDF (general)
RDFStore Database/Datastore RDF Metadata Module RDF (general)
Redstore Database/Datastore RDF Viewer RDF (general)
SDB Database/Datastore RDF123 RDF (general)
Semantic Bank Database/Datastore RDFAuthor RDF (general)
Semantic Server Database/Datastore RDFContext Tools RDF (general)
SemWeb Database/Datastore rdf-pipeline RDF (general)
Sesame Database/Datastore RDFReactor RDF (general)
Soprano Database/Datastore RDFStats RDF (general)
StrixDB Database/Datastore RDFSuite RDF (general)
TripleSoup Database/Datastore RDFX RDF (general)
Tucana Suite Database/Datastore resesame RDF (general)
TuQS Database/Datastore Semantic Web Client RDF (general)
Virtuoso Database/Datastore SemClip RDF (general)
YARS Database/Datastore SemVersion RDF (general)
Applications of FCA in AKT Description or Formal Logics SMAD RDF (general)
FLORA-2 Description or Formal Logics sommer RDF (general)
HELENOS Description or Formal Logics Sparta RDF (general)
Aperture Harvester SuRF RDF (general)
DeepHarvester Workbench Harvester SWeHG RDF (general)
Rdig Harvester Telescope RDF (general)
SemanticMiner Harvester TRAMP RDF (general)
SiteScraper Harvester tRDF4Jena RDF (general)
4Suite 4RDF IDE/Programming Environ tRDF4JenaBench RDF (general)
Acre IDE/Programming Environ Triplr RDF (general)
ActiveRDF IDE/Programming Environ URIBurner RDF (general)
ASIS for GNAT IDE/Programming Environ uSeekM RDF (general)
AutoSemantix IDE/Programming Environ Wraf RDF (general)
CASD IDE/Programming Environ Code Mirror RDF Editor
D2R MAP Processor IDE/Programming Environ Hyena RDF Editor
Jastor IDE/Programming Environ Morla RDF Editor
JRDF IDE/Programming Environ pushback RDF Editor
Kazuki IDE/Programming Environ RDF InferEd RDF Editor
OWL-S IDE IDE/Programming Environ RDFAPI-JS RDF Editor
Pike IDE/Programming Environ RDFe RDF Editor
POR IDE/Programming Environ Rej RDF Editor
RDF.rb IDE/Programming Environ SAHA RDF Editor
RDFLib IDE/Programming Environ Veudas RDF Editor
Redfoot IDE/Programming Environ xTree RDF Editor
Redland-Ruby IDE/Programming Environ any23 RDF Generator
rubyrdf IDE/Programming Environ django-rdf RDF Generator
SWCLOS IDE/Programming Environ FeedAPI RDF Processor RDF Generator
SWeDE IDE/Programming Environ FOAF-o-matic RDF Generator
Thema IDE/Programming Environ GVS RDF Generator
Wilbur IDE/Programming Environ METAmorphoses RDF Generator
BaseVISor Inference Engine Rich Snippets Testing Tool RDF Generator
BOR Inference Engine SWAML RDF Generator
Bossam Inference Engine Triplify RDF Generator
CEL Inference Engine voc2rdf RDF Generator
Description Logic Complexity Navigator Inference Engine mle RDFa
DL Learner Inference Engine RADify RDFa
dlvhex Inference Engine RDFa2 RDFa
DReW Inference Engine Asio Scout RDFizer
ELK Inference Engine RDF Refine RDFizer
Euler Inference Engine SquirrelRDF RDFizer
EulerMOZ Inference Engine Virtuoso-RDFizer-Mapper-Scripts RDFizer
EulerSharp Inference Engine Jess Rule-based Processing
F-OWL Inference Engine OpenRuleBench Rule-based Processing
FaCT++ Inference Engine RIFLE Rule-based Processing
Florid Inference Engine Rule Manager Rule-based Processing
HermiT Inference Engine SweetRules Rule-based Processing
Hoolet Inference Engine Antidot Finder Suite Search Engine
HotPlanner Inference Engine BAAGZ Search Engine
IRS-III Inference Engine Beagle++ Search Engine
KAON2 Inference Engine BuddyFinder (CORDER) Search Engine
Loom Inference Engine CognitionSearch Search Engine
Metalog Inference Engine ConWeaver Search Engine
OntoBroker Inference Engine DOAPspace Search Engine
Owlgres Inference Engine EntityCube Search Engine
OWLJessKB Inference Engine Falcons Search Engine
Pellet Inference Engine Ferret Search Engine
PelletDB Inference Engine Flamenco Search Engine
Pronto Inference Engine HyperTwitter Search Engine
Pychinco Inference Engine LARQ Search Engine
Quest Inference Engine Lucene Search Engine
RACER Inference Engine lucene-skos Search Engine
RacerPro Inference Engine LuMriX Search Engine
RELExO Inference Engine Lupedia Search Engine
ROWLKit Inference Engine OntoFrame Search Engine
SHER Inference Engine Ontogator Search Engine
Surnia Inference Engine OntoSearch Search Engine
Swish Inference Engine Opossum Search Engine
Top Engine Inference Engine Picky Search Engine
TRIE / Inference Explorer Inference Engine Searchy Search Engine
TrOWL Inference Engine Semantic Search Search Engine
ACE Annotation Toolkit Information Extraction Semplore Search Engine
AIDA Toolkit Information Extraction SemSearch Search Engine
AlchemyAPI Information Extraction Sindice Search Engine
Amilcare Information Extraction SIREn Search Engine
ANNIE - Open Source Information Extraction Information Extraction SnakeT Search Engine
Ariel Information Extraction Swangler Search Engine
Armadillo Information Extraction Swoogle Search Engine
Calais Information Extraction SWSE Search Engine
CORDER Information Extraction TrueKnowledge Search Engine
Cortex Intelligence Information Extraction Watson Search Engine
Dublin Core Viewer Information Extraction Zebra Search Engine
ELIE Information Extraction ZoomInfo Search Engine
Enrycher Information Extraction DeepaMehta Semantic Desktop
Eprep Information Extraction Fenfire Semantic Desktop
Espotter Information Extraction Gnowsis Semantic Desktop
Extracting Microcontent Information Extraction Haystack Semantic Desktop
Extractiv Information Extraction MetaDesk Semantic Desktop
Fox Information Extraction OpenIris Semantic Desktop
Fuzz Information Extraction Enterprise Modelling and Workflow Semantic Modeling
GeoMaker Information Extraction AKT Research Map Semantic Modeling
GeoURL Information Extraction Genryis Semantic Modeling
Gnosis Information Extraction KM Semantic Modeling
Google Squared Information Extraction MoKi Semantic Modeling
Grazr Information Extraction Semantic Turkey Semantic Tagger
Harava Information Extraction iMapping Semantic Web (general)
Identify Knowledge Base Information Extraction QuiKey Semantic Web (general)
iDocument Information Extraction SWEET Semantic Web (general)
Illinois Named Entity Tagger Information Extraction SWIC Semantic Web (general)
ILP for Information Extraction Information Extraction ARQ SPARQL
Infobox2RDF Information Extraction Djubby SPARQL
JATE Information Extraction Flint SPARQL Editor SPARQL
jFex Information Extraction Groovy SPARQL SPARQL
jInFil Information Extraction iSPARQL SPARQL
Krextor Information Extraction jdbc4sparql SPARQL
LingPipe Information Extraction RDF SPARQL Endpoint SPARQL
Linkator Information Extraction SPARQL JavaScript Library SPARQL
Meaningtool Information Extraction SPARQL Query Cache SPARQL
MetaGlance Information Extraction Triclops SPARQL
Miro Information Extraction ViziQuer SPARQL
Net OWL Information Extraction H-Maps Topic Maps
NMARKUP Information Extraction ontopia Topic Maps
OntosMinor Information Extraction Topic Maps (etc) Topic Maps
OpenAmplify Information Extraction Wandora Topic Maps
OPML Reader Information Extraction ZTM (Zope Topic Map) Topic Maps
paggr Information Extraction ACUITy User Interfaces (semantic)
Pattern Information Extraction Euler GUI User Interfaces (semantic)
Placemaker Information Extraction RKBGadgets User Interfaces (semantic)
Proximic Information Extraction BuddySpace Utilities (SemWeb)
Proximity Information Extraction Clustybar Utilities (SemWeb)
RDFaCE Information Extraction cURL Utilities (SemWeb)
RelationalOWL Information Extraction Data Publishing Server Utilities (SemWeb)
REMBRANDT Information Extraction Fingerpooint Utilities (SemWeb)
ReVerb Information Extraction FOAFfox Utilities (SemWeb)
scones Information Extraction geometry2rdf Utilities (SemWeb)
SEAL Information Extraction hurl Utilities (SemWeb)
SemanticHacker Information Extraction Jabber Utilities (SemWeb)
SIE Information Extraction MOAW Utilities (SemWeb)
TagHelper Information Extraction Moriarty Utilities (SemWeb)
TermExtractor Information Extraction MyPlanet Utilities (SemWeb)
Text2Onto Information Extraction Sahi Utilities (SemWeb)
TEXT2RDF Information Extraction Semantic Radar Utilities (SemWeb)
TRex Information Extraction Semantic Visits Utilities (SemWeb)
Trynt Information Extraction Sindice Inspector Utilities (SemWeb)
txt2re Information Extraction SWObjects Utilities (SemWeb)
VisuaText Information Extraction Web Clipboard Utilities (SemWeb)
WebCAT Information Extraction ConsVISor Validator
Weka Information Extraction Eyeball Validator
Wikifier Information Extraction Hyperthing Validator
Yahoo Term Extraction Service Information Extraction OWL Consistency checker Validator
Yahoo! Placemaker Information Extraction OWL Validator Validator
ZoomClouds Information Extraction rdfabout.com Validator Validator
C-Link Knowledge Base/Service rfc-3986 check Validator
Discipline Browser Knowledge Base/Service Total Validator Validator
FactForge Knowledge Base/Service Vapour Validator
GNOWSYS Knowledge Base/Service W3C RDF Validator Validator
Knowledge Broker Knowledge Base/Service Boost Graph Library Visualization
Muskrat-II Knowledge Base/Service BorderFlow Visualization
Nokia Semantic Web Server Knowledge Base/Service Cugar Visualization
OPOSSum Knowledge Base/Service Cytoscape Visualization
PinQA Knowledge Base/Service DumpOnt Visualization
Refiner++ Knowledge Base/Service Gephi Visualization
SmartLink Knowledge Base/Service GLOW Visualization
TPTP Knowledge Base/Service Graphl Visualization
Uberblic Knowledge Base/Service Groove Visualization
Wordnik Knowledge Base/Service IsaViz Visualization
ALOE Linked Data Jambalaya Visualization
Elda Linked Data Many Eyes Visualization
FedX Linked Data MatrixBrowser Visualization Kit Visualization
Fusion Linked Data NeoVis Visualization
LDIF Linked Data Ontoviz Visualization
LDSpider Linked Data Oort Visualization
Lensfield Linked Data OpenCycloGraph Visualization
LIMES Linked Data OWL2Prefuse Visualization
Linked Data API Linked Data OWLViz Visualization
Linked Ratpack Linked Data prefuse Visualization
LinkedMarkMail Linked Data RDF Gravity Visualization
Mint Linked Data RelFinder Visualization
R2R Framework Linked Data semanticgraph Visualization
sameAs Linked Data SemLens Visualization
SILK Linked Data SONOVIS Visualization
sitemap4rdf Linked Data Sgvizler Visualization
SPARCool Linked Data TGVizTab Visualization
URI Debugger Linked Data Timeline Visualization
Multimedia Semantics Listing (of items) TouchGraph Visualization
Sweet Tools Listing (of items) TreeBolic Visualization
INQLE Machine Learning Triplipse Visualization
Mahout Machine Learning Tulip Visualization
RapidMiner Machine Learning VisioOWL Visualization
DataMashups Mashup/Meshup Framework Visual Browser Visualization
Factual Mashup/Meshup Framework Visual Vocabulary Visualization
gnizr Mashup/Meshup Framework Visualisations for the CS AKTive Visualization
Pipes Mashup/Meshup Framework VIVID Visualization
Semantic Web Pipes Mashup/Meshup Framework Welkin Visualization
Ubiquity Mashup/Meshup Framework ZGRViewer Visualization
WSO2 Mashup Server Mashup/Meshup Framework Cashew Web Services (semantic)
Twarql Microblogs CASheW-s Engine Web Services (semantic)
microdata.py Microdata/Microformat Floodsim Web Services (semantic)
Mida Microdata/Microformat Aqueduct Wikis and -related
omnidator Microdata/Microformat ArtificialMemory Wikis and -related
Schema Creator Microdata/Microformat COW Wikis and -related
hCreator Microformats DataWiki Wikis and -related
Operator Microformats Deki Wiki Wikis and -related
uformatparser Microformats DiamondWiki Wikis and -related
Blackboard Miscellaneous IkeWiki Wikis and -related
jenabean Miscellaneous Kaukolo Wikis and -related
OntoGames Miscellaneous KendraBase Wikis and -related
sparqlPuSH Miscellaneous Knoodl Wikis and -related
ve2 Miscellaneous KnowWE Wikis and -related
OntoMedia Multimedia Makna Wikis and -related
Alembic NLP/Language Processor OntoWiki Wikis and -related
AMALGAM NLP/Language Processor OpenQabal Wikis and -related
ANTLR NLP/Language Processor OpenRecord Wikis and -related
Aqualog NLP/Language Processor Platypus Wiki Wikis and -related
ATLAS / jATLAS NLP/Language Processor QEDWiki Wikis and -related
Carrot2 Framework NLP/Language Processor Qwiki Wikis and -related
ClearTK NLP/Language Processor Rhizome Wiki Wikis and -related
Cypher NLP/Language Processor Samizdat Wikis and -related
Ellogon NLP/Language Processor Semantic Mediawiki Wikis and -related
FreeLing NLP/Language Processor SemWiki Wikis and -related
Heart of Gold NLP/Language Processor SIOC Exporter Wikis and -related
Kea NLP/Language Processor SMOB (Semantic Microblogging) Wikis and -related
LAPIS NLP/Language Processor StYLiD Wikis and -related
Lemur Toolkit NLP/Language Processor SweetWiki Wikis and -related
LinguaStream NLP/Language Processor w.blogger Wikis and -related
Machinese Language Analysis NLP/Language Processor Zemanta Wikis and -related
MALLET NLP/Language Processor Anthracite Wrapper (data extractor)
MinorThird NLP/Language Processor CCM Wrapper (data extractor)
NLP2RDF NLP/Language Processor Charon Wrapper (data extractor)
NLTK NLP/Language Processor chickenfoot Wrapper (data extractor)
OMCSNet-WordNet NLP/Language Processor Crowbar Wrapper (data extractor)
OpenNLP NLP/Language Processor Dapper Wrapper (data extractor)
Pimiento NLP/Language Processor HtmlUnit Wrapper (data extractor)
RADAR NLP/Language Processor Hunter Gatherer Wrapper (data extractor)
Scone NLP/Language Processor Marmite Wrapper (data extractor)
SecondString NLP/Language Processor rCache Wrapper (data extractor)
SERF NLP/Language Processor Roadrunner Wrapper (data extractor)
SimMetrics NLP/Language Processor RubyfulSoup Wrapper (data extractor)
SVMlight NLP/Language Processor Scaffold Wrapper (data extractor)
TerMine NLP/Language Processor ScrapBook Wrapper (data extractor)
TextGarden NLP/Language Processor ScraperWiki Wrapper (data extractor)
ThoughtTreasure NLP/Language Processor scrAPI Wrapper (data extractor)
tOKo NLP/Language Processor screen-scraper Wrapper (data extractor)
Topicalizer NLP/Language Processor scRUBYt! Wrapper (data extractor)
Treebank NLP/Language Processor Semantic Data Extractor Wrapper (data extractor)
WHIRL NLP/Language Processor Semantic Fire Wrapper (data extractor)
Almo Ontology (general) Sifter Wrapper (data extractor)
ClassAKT Ontology (general) Solvent Wrapper (data extractor)
CODA Ontology (general) Web-Harvest Wrapper (data extractor)
DogmaModeler Ontology (general) webExtractor Wrapper (data extractor)
DOME Ontology (general) Web-Harvest Wrapper (data extractor)
Elmo Ontology (general) WWW::Mechanize Wrapper (data extractor)
Erca Ontology (general) XWRAPElite Wrapper (data extractor)

Last Updated 12/12/11