Posted:April 9, 2019

A Knowledge Representation Practionary Now in Paperback

A Knowledge Representation Practionary$25 to SpringerLink Subscribers

After resolving some technical glitches, Springer has finally made available my new book, A Knowledge Representation Practionary: Guidelines Based on Charles Sanders Peirce, in paperback form. The 464 pp book is available for $24.99 under Springer’s MyCopy program.

MyCopy is available to SpringerLink subscribers who have access to the computer science collection. Most universities and larger tech firms and knowledge organizations are current subscribers. You should be able to login to your local library, go to SpringerLink, and then search for A Knowledge Representation Practionary. If you are a qualified subscriber, you will see the image to the right on the results page.MyCopy Banner (If you are not a subscriber, you should be able to find a friend or colleague who is and repeat this process using their account.) After choosing to buy, you will be guided through the standard transaction screens.

As Springer states, “MyCopy books are only offered to patrons of a library with access to at least one Springer Nature eBook subject collection and are strictly for individual use only.” 

Though only printed in monochrome, my figures render well and the quality is quite high. The cover is in color and the paper quality is high. I waited to get a copy myself before I could recommend it. I think the overall quality is quite good.

To learn more about my AKRP book, including a listing of the table of contents, see the initial announcement. Also, of course, Springer subscribers have access to the free eBook, and hardcopy and other versions are available. Unfortunately, I think prices are unreasonably high for non-Springer subscribers. Please let me know if you need to find a cheaper alternative.

BTW, if you read and like my book (or even otherwise!), I encourage you to provide your rating to Goodreads. Markup

A Knowledge Representation Practionary Now in Paperback

$25 to SpringerLink Subscribers



Mike Bergman's new book, A Knowledge Representation Practionary, is now available in paperback.

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5 thoughts on “A Knowledge Representation Practionary Now in Paperback

  1. I know that it was your call publishing under Springer but right now your book is 148$ in Amazon. Way out the reach of any “practicioner”. Sad because I was really interested in your book.

  2. Hi Toni,

    I agree; it was a mistake on my part. I was told at contract signing that the price would be lower and that the $25 paperback would be easier to obtain. I admit, as a first-time author I was naive. Advice given to me was that Springer had great distribution channels to academia, and that was one of my objectives. Royalties from sales were not. If it were up to me, I would charge the absolute minimum for the book. Readership, not royalties, is another of my objectives. Please stay tuned, though, since I plan on posting all of my book chapters in PDF for free on this site.

  3. Thanks Mike for your response and sorry if my words sounded rude, that wasn’t my intention. It is just that I’m pissed off of Springer, Elsevier and others making money preventing access to knowledge. I enjoyed a lot your series about Pierce so looking forward that chapters release you mention. In the future maybe you could consider or any other self publishing platform, since distribution is already solved by Amazon and others, you’ll have more reader reach and I bet that it will make more sense financially for you also.

  4. HI Mike this is not a comment for your website, but more related to your experience with Springer (if I can get your honest opinion). Springer is interested in my book proposal but I am worried about the cost they charge teachers. My book is aimed at practitioners but all Springer books cost over $100. How are teachers going to buy this?? If you don’t mind me asking, do you recommend going with Springer? I am thinking of finding a different publisher. thanks for your time. FYI this is my first book.

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