Posted:May 17, 2021

Entire AKRP Book Now Freely Available

Charles Sanders Peirce, Age 20Latest Release Completes the Free Distribution of A Knowledge Representation Practionary

As of today, I have completed the release of all chapters and appendices separately as well as the full book of A Knowledge Representation Practionary. These free PDFs are the author’s preprint versions. Today’s release is of the full book. The AKRP page provides the specific links.

A Knowledge Representation Practionary is a major work on knowledge representation based on the insights of Charles S. Peirce, shown at age 20 in 1859, who was the 19th century founder of American pragmatism, and also a logician, scientist, mathematician, and philosopher of the first rank. The book follows Peirce’s practical guidelines and universal categories in a structured approach to knowledge representation that captures differences in events, entities, relations, attributes, types, and concepts. Besides the ability to capture meaning and context, the Peircean approach is also well-suited to machine learning and knowledge-based artificial intelligence.

Springer subscribers still have free access to the official version of the book in PDF form and for $25 can obtain a softcover, printed version. However, for all others, please refer to the AKRP page for access details on the preprint PDFs. Markup

Entire AKRP Book Now Freely Available

Latest Release Completes the Free Distribution of 'A Knowledge Representation Practionary'



The full book and all chapters and appendices separately are now available as PDFs for 'A Knowledge Representation Practionary'.

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