Posted:June 4, 2012

Information Timeline Gets Major Update

Popular ‘Timeline of Information History’ Expands by 30%

Since its first release four years ago, the History of Information Timeline has been one of the most consistently popular aspects of this site. It is an interactive timeline of the most significant events and developments in the innovation and management of information and documents throughout human history.

Recent requests for use by others and my own references to it caused me to review its entries and add to it. Over the past few weeks I have expanded its coverage by some 30%. There are now about 115 entries in the period ranging from ca 30,000 BC (cave paintings) to ca 2003 AD (3D printing). Most additions have been to update the past twenty or thirty years:

A Timeline of Information History

The timeline works via a fast scroll at the bottom; every entry when clicked produces a short info-panel, as shown.

All entries are also coded by a icon scheme of about 20 different categories:

Book Forms and Bookmaking Calendars Copyrights and Legal Infographics and Statististics
Libraries Maps Math and Symbology Mechanization
Networks New Formats or Document Forms Organizing Information Pre-writing
Paper and Papermaking Printing Science and Technology Scripts and Alphabets
Standardization and Typography Theory Timelines Writing

You may learn more about this timeline and the technology behind it by referring to the original announcement. Markup

Information Timeline Gets Major Update

Popular 'Timeline of Information History' Expands by 30%



Our popular Timeline of Information History has been expanded by some 30%. There are now about 115 entries in the period ranging from ca 30,000 BC (cave paintings) to ca 2003 AD (3D printing)

see above


One thought on “Information Timeline Gets Major Update

  1. Consider adding de novo DNA synthesis to the timeline.
    The separation into oligo v gene synthesis on wikipedia seems legitimate. I think, it will work out best if paired with the analogous DNA sequencing entries.

    thanks for considering,
    mike g

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