Posted:November 7, 2022

Cognonto Closes Doors

CognontoMy Formal Companies Come to an End

Closing the doors on a virtual company almost seems like a category error. But metaphors by definition are not literal so I guess it all still fits.

The last time I had a third party sign my pay check was back in 1989, when I left the American Public Power Association to found the first of a series of what turned out to be six different companies, some of which overlapped. With the last, Cognonto, only recently providing my individual consulting services, there is no longer any need to keep the doors open with the requisite federal and state corporate and tax filings. Though I still do the occasional consulting gig, I can just as easily do that as a self-employed individual rather than under some corporate banner.

Skinnying down this complexity brings a sense of relieved joy, like paying off student loans or home mortgages. It feels good.

KBpedia will remain active. In fact, some exciting developments are occurring around this top-level knowledge graph. While my postings will likely remain infrequent, it will be exciting once we can speak of new developments on the KBpedia horizon.

As I wish Cognonto a fond adieu, I’d also like the thank the dozens of co-workers and colleagues that I have had the privilege of working with over the tenure of my various companies. Thanks for the great ride! Markup

Cognonto Closes Doors

My Formal Companies Come to an End



Cognonto Corporation has ceased operations. Support and related is now provided by Mike Bergman.

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