Posted:July 24, 2019

Pulse: A Practical Interview with a KR Practitioner

AI3 Pulse

I would like to thank Andreas Blumauer of the Semantic Web Company and the SEMANTiCS Conference for their recent interview with me. The questions covered the waterfront of topics related to knowledge representation and semantic artificial intelligence. The emphasis was on my recent book, A Knowledge Representation Practionary, the polymath who stimulated that book, Charles Sanders Peirce, and our open-source KBpedia knowledge graph and base. 

Andreas, who conducted the interview, is always good at teasing out where people think the industry and technology are headed. This interview was no exception. Knowledge graphs and their emerging role in knowledge-based AI have been common themes across multiple recent conferences.

I’d also like to thank Alan Morrison for his keynote at the prior 2018 conference, and his kind mention of our work. Alan and Andreas are two of the most effective spokespeople around for the practical trends currently shaping our industry.

There are rumors that the SEMANTiCS conference may be coming to North America in 2020. Let’s hope the organizers see fit to continue to spread their wonderful meeting to our side of the pond.

You can see my interview in full here. Markup

Pulse: A Practical Interview with a KR Practitioner




See my recent interview on knowledge representation, knowledge-based artificial intelligence, my book, and KBpedia. That's a mouthful of topics in one interview!

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