Posted:November 28, 2016

Nice Interview, Excellent Summary of Cognonto

Dataversity has just published an article on Cognonto based on an interview of me and review of our online materials. The article, Cognonto Takes On Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence,” does an excellent job of summarizing the venture. The writer, Jennifer Zaino, did a fantastic job capturing our discussions and framing the Cognonto story. Thanks!

I especially like that the article begins with the simple words, knowledge-based artificial intelligence, which is the quintessential description of what Cognonto is about. Jennifer then goes on to explain the genesis of the venture, the central role of its knowledge structure KBpedia, and the basis of this knowledge graph grounded in the triadic logic of the 19th century philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce.

We will use this article for months to come in helping others understand what we are doing and why. It is always refreshing to see intelligent, well-written journalism. Thanks, Jenny. Markup

Nice Interview, Excellent Summary of Cognonto




An excellent interview and article on the Cognonto venture has just been published by Dataversity.

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