Posted:September 30, 2014

Pulse: More SemWeb Retrospective

AI3 Pulse

A few weeks back I reflected on more than a decade of involvement in the semantic Web. I appreciate the many nice comments and compliments received.

In part in reaction to that post and also because it is the retrospective season, Amit Sheth has just posted his own retrospective on the semWeb going back 15 years. Amit has been one of the leaders in the space and (according to his history) the first to obtain a semantic Web patent.

Amit’s wonderful history is more global and informed than my own, and I recommend you check it out. BTW, Amit is asking for comments from those involved in the early years for any corrections or additions. Markup

Pulse: More SemWeb Retrospective




Amit Sheth provides a retrospective on the semantic Web as one of its first practitioners.

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