Posted:September 25, 2014

Pulse: Big Data Smokes SemWeb

AI3 Pulse

We all know the slow decline and zero take-off about the semantic Web writ large, but what we probably did not know is that Big data would gobsmack the concept. Trends do not lie.

Some ten years ago the idea of the semantic Web had about a 4x advantage in Google searches compared to that for “big data”. Today, Big data searches exceed those for the semWeb by 25-fold. The cross-over point occurred in about April 2011:
SemWeb v Big Data Google Trends
Within a year, projections are that the Big data interest level will exceed the semantic Web by 35x.

These may not be entirely apples-to-apples cases, but trends don’t often lie. Play yourself with these comparisons on Google Trends. Markup

Pulse: Big Data Smokes SemWeb




SemWeb getting crushed by Big data in search popularity

see above


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