Posted:March 14, 2012

TechWiki Gets 400th Document

Open Semantic FrameworkPhenomenal Growth in Less than Two Years

Today, for the first time, we passed 400 articles published on the open semantic framework (OSF) TechWiki. The TechWiki content is a baseline “starter kit” of documentation related to these OSF  projects and their contexts:

  • conStruct – connecting modules to enable structWSF and sComponents to be hosted/embedded in Drupal
  • structWSF – platform-independent suite of more than 20 RESTful Web services, organized for managing structured data datasets
  • Semantic Components – JavaScript or Flex semantic components (widgets) for visualizing and manipulating structured data
  • irON – instance record Object Notation for conveying XML, JSON or spreadsheets (CSV) in RDF-ready form, and
  • Various parsers and standard data exchange formats and schema to facilitate information flow amongst these options.

The TechWiki covers all aspects of this open source OSF software stack. Besides the specific components developed and maintained by Structured Dynamics as listed above, the OSF stack combines many leading third-party software packages — such as Drupal for content management, Virtuoso for (RDF) triple storage, Solr for full-text indexing, GATE for natural language processing, the OWL API for ontology management, and others.

The TechWiki is the one-stop resource for how to install, configure, use and maintain these components. The best entry point to the OSF content on the TechWiki is represented by this entry page covering overall workflows in use of the system:

OSF Work FlowsSince our first release of the TechWiki in July 2010, we have been publishing and releasing content steadily. We post a new article about every 1.5 calendar days, or about one per working day. This content is well-organized into (at present) 72 categories and is supported by nearly 500 figures and diagrams. Users are free to download and use this content at will, solely by providing attribution. The content has proven to be a goldmine for local use and modification by our clients, and for training and curriculum development.

The TechWiki represents a part of our commitment that we are successful when our customers no longer need us. As one of our most popular Web sites with fantastic and growing user stats, we invite you to visit and see what it means to provide open source semantic technologies as a total open solution. Markup

TechWiki Gets 400th Document

Phenomenal Growth in Less than Two Years



Today, for the first time, we passed 400 articles published on the open semantic framework (OSF) TechWiki. The TechWiki content is a baseline "starter kit" of documentation related to these OSF projects and their contexts

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