Posted:September 27, 2010

Resources Useful to the Understanding of Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Over the past few weeks we have been publishing a series of general background documents and tutorials useful to the understanding of ontologies. These entries have been prepared specifically with the non-expert and end user in mind.

The Ontology Tutorial Series is now complete as initially scoped. These various articles, in both originally posted form and as kept current on the OpenStructs‘ TechWiki [1], are:


[1] The tutorials were first published on this blog over the period of Aug. 9 to Sept. 20, 2010. They are now permanently maintained and updated on the TechWiki.

Posted by AI3's author, Mike Bergman Posted on September 27, 2010 at 1:19 am in Ontologies, Ontology Best Practices | Comments (2)
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