Posted:July 2, 2010

As of July 1, Daily Readership Passed 3000

AI3 Blog

As of yesterday, the readership on this AI3 blog passed 3000 daily for the first time. It has been steadily inching upward, and finally passed that minor milestone. Thank you!

I’ve been writing this blog for five years now, with some 400 total posts, or about 1.5 blog posts per week. I know my style is toward longer articles and less frequent posting, most often of a fairly detailed or technical nature. And, while I have a Twitter account, I do not bleat. My style is for more meaty discussions. Perhaps it belies my age. ;)

The real growth in this blog, however, has come about with my conscious attempt to write for the enterprise audience. RDF, the semantic enterprise, linked data and ontologies need a bridge from the technical community to the one of practitioners. Much progress and uptake has been occurring with these business and government audiences.

At the recent SemTech meeting, I was taken aside by many individuals noting my blog posts and thanking me for the thought and effort behind them. Thank you for noticing, and reading, and you are welcome. We need more translation of semantic topics and technologies to pragmatic terms.

If you have been following the standard W3C and SemWeb mailing lists recently, you will have noticed an anxiety and a continuation of the fractious nature of this “community”. In part this comes about because there are efforts afoot to revisit the RDF specs. But, mostly, I think, it is the ongoing nature of many in this group to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The search by some for perfection and insistence on parochial needs and preferences can give a pettiness to this “community” that is unbecoming.

Many of us have abandoned those forums for those reasons. As for myself, I will continue to evangelize to the buying market and keep the gaze pointing outward. There is a wealth of need for tools, techniques, methods, documentation, structures, and narratives. Thanks to all of you, the readership of this blog, for continuing to affirm this value.

So, in the great scheme of things, the readership of this blog is quite small in comparison with the big boys. On the other hand, very few individuals have higher numbers, and all of this for a fairly esoteric area. I think this proves there is a market and a need out there for semantic solutions.

Thanks again! And, for those in the United States, have a most enjoyable 4th of July holiday!

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