Posted:October 1, 2009

Friday Brown Bag Lunch

Serving Up Occasional Re-treads and Leftovers

My wife and I are not gamblers, and were somewhat surprised to find ourselves at our local destination casino last weekend to see a concert by Boz Scaggs and to spend the night in a high-roller suite with a glassed-in shower and electrically controlled window shades. The only missing piece was a mirror on the ceiling. Of course there was an occasion involved, and from top to bottom we had an absolute, total great time.

The highlight of the whole affair was Boz Scaggs himself and his band. Boz Scaggs goes back to our courtship; and we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this year! But, this was not a geriatric trip down memory lane: this was top-drawer, great music and entertainment. Not to get too excessive, but this show was close to one of the best I have ever seen!

I normally would not comment on such matters on this blog. After all, I’m generally trucking down an esoteric trail with an audience that at most fills living rooms, not concert halls (let alone stadiums). Such is the semantic Web today.

But then one of those somethings happened this week: I was asked to go down memory lane and resurrect some of my older posts. I read quite a few from years back, and liked some of what I read. It was actually kinda fun. And, I had forgotten many of these older hobby horses or even that I had written them.

Now, in the original Stone Age days of this blog, namely 4-5 years ago, I had like 20 – 30 readers per day. Today, I’m closer to 2500 per day, and seemingly growing pretty steadily. I also now have a backlog of about 400 prior posts. Most have not been read, or at least not by any notable readership.

So, like Boz Skaggs, I decided I would on occasion bring back one of those older contributions that maybe did not get too much airplay in the older days. And, since these are re-treads, I should also re-introduce them on Friday when the news cycle is slow and no one is really very attentive anyway. I mean, afer all, they are only electrons!

Friday Brown Bag Lunch So, with this convolution, I’m pleased to introduce this occasional Friday re-release of selected earlier posts. I may make some minor changes to these older posts to make them current or correct typos and such. If I do, I will so note.

I do not have enough historical backlog of posts to warrant a re-tread every Friday. But, on occasion, including this Friday, I will post again. Look for the brown bag symbol on these reprised posts. ;)

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