Posted:September 1, 2009

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The Third Major Update in the SWEETpedia Series

The need to undertake some recent research has provided the occasion for me to update the AI3‘s listing — called SWEETpedia — of (largely) academic papers pertaining to the use of Wikipedia for semantic Web-related topics. These papers cover such things as information extraction, named entity recognition, word sense disambiguation, concept hierarchies, ontology and question/answer support, and so forth.

Please go here to see this alphabetized and updated SWEETpedia listing of 207 papers. It is really quite impressive, and represents 44 new papers since my last (and second) update nearly a year ago. While the pace of academic attention seems to be tailling off a bit — now that the usefulness of Wikipedia to these topics has become clear — the quality remains high.

As with past listings, I encourage any researchers that have had their paper inadvertently missed to comment on this blog post and I will make sure the oversight is corrected in the next listing.

Oh, by the way, there are many strategies I employ to find these papers, but here are a few tips you can apply on your own depending on your specific interests:

  • First peruse SWEETpedia, of course!
  • The listing of academic papers involving Wikipedia on Wikipedia itself
  • The search engine query of such as wikipedia filetype:pdf “named entities” (this is a Google example; replace with your own specific topics and consider using Scholar search and restrictions by posting or publication dates), or
  • Custom searches within useful aggregation sites, such as the ACL Anthology.

Again, please provide any missing papers by commenting below. And, of course, enjoy the updated SWEETpedia listing!

Posted by AI3's author, Mike Bergman Posted on September 1, 2009 at 10:27 pm in Semantic Web, Structured Web | Comments (3)
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