Posted:October 5, 2007

Why not Web 4.0? Heck, why not Web 98.6?

I am again puking from all of the recent references to “Web 3.0″ as a code number for the pending semantic Web. (As if the semantic Web is a version release, as opposed to a process and an approach.)

The purveyors of this pseudo-debate know who they are and should know better. Shame, shame.

To settle my guts, I decided to I recover this posting I made from about a year ago:

I don't generally rant on this blog, but after having just about puked on too many Web 2.0 references, I'm now choking on new Web 3.0 references. (For those not in the know, Web 3.0 is the “real” semantic Web stuff, while Web 2.0 is that oh-so tired tagging and mashup shit.) Well, the escalation now appears clear. We're now seeing a proliferation of Web 3.0 posts today in order to set some distinctions. Don't like 3.0, not enough horsepower? How about I see that and raise you to 4.0? But why end there? After all, high school was so terribly fun and clever. . . . So, the heck with it. I decided to jump right to the jugular:

Hey, ninety eight point six, it's good to have you back again. oh, Hey, ninety eight point six, her lovin' is the medicine that saaaved me, Oh, I love my baby. *

Web 98.6. It's so cool to be on the cutting edge . . . .

* Lyrics for Keith 98.6 (written by G. Fischoff/T.Powers) provided by

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