Posted:July 16, 2007
Since the progression of WordPress beyond version 2.5x, the Advanced TinyMCE plug-in has reached its E.O.L. A better alternative that is being kept current is TinyMCE Advanced from Andrew Ozz. Advanced TinyMCE is still available for download for older WP versions.
Announcing version 0.5.0 !
Download from here

I am pleased to announce a new update to the Advanced TinyMCE Editor for WordPress v. 2.2x. This new version — 0.5.0 — is now much easier to configure and customize thanks to the contributions of Chris Carson of Navy Road Software. You can download the plug-in and get detailed installation and documentation from the Advanced TinyMCE Editor page.

As with the previous version, the Advanced TinyMCE Editor enables you to turn your standard WordPress editor into this WYSIWYG powerhouse:

Enhanced Rich Text Editor for WP 2.2

The Advanced TinyMCE Editor plug-in:

  • Doubles the editor's available functions to more than 60, adding important functions such as tables, styles, inserts, and others
  • Improves existing functionality in handling images, links, etc., and
  • Corrects errors in the standard WordPress visual editor.

And, now, with Chris’ contributions, you can easily configure the Editor via a new Control Panel:

Advanced TinyMCE Control Panel
[Click on image for full-size pop-up]

This panel:

  • Allows you to add and enter new style sheets without needing to modify code
  • Allows you to configure which advanced buttons appear on or off in the Editor
  • Provides guidance on earlier width problems, esp. for small screen (800 x 600) older laptops.

Again, you can get this free WordPress plug-in from here.

TinyMCE and its advanced options are from Moxiecode Systems AB. Please note that the Advanced TinyMCE Editory plug-in has not been tested in WP versions prior to 2.2 and has not been tested in all browsers beyond Firefox and IE.

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