Posted:June 19, 2007

Sweet Tools Listing

AI3′s Sweet Tools Listing Updated to Version 9

This AI3 blog maintains Sweet Tools, the largest listing of about 800 semantic Web and -related tools available. Most are open source. Click here to see the current listing!

AI3‘s listing of semantic Web and -related tools has just been updated to version 9. This version adds 42 new tools since the last update on March 11, bringing the total to 542 tools. As noted in the last update, the compilation is now largely complete. These new listings are mostly newly announced tools in the last three months, though some are stragglers missed from previous listings.

As before, the updated Sweet Tools listing is provided both as a filterable and sortable Exhibit display (thanks again, David Huynh and MIT’s Simile program) and as a simple table for quick download and copying. (Hint: sort on ‘Posted’ for 6/19/07 to see the 42 latest additions.)

Background on prior listings and earlier statistics may be found on these previous posts:

With interim updates periodically over that period.