Posted:May 8, 2007

Now, that’s way cool!

Jasper Potts and his team at Sun have worked up some very nice magic with photo display and editing. Iris is an online photo browsing, editing and slide show application.

It is a “smash-up” of Java applets and next generation web concepts. You can create galleries, edit photos, rotate and create that cool 3D rotating photo cube effect we’ve been seeing lately, you name it. Jasper’s short online demo of Iris is really cool, too! (I think the live demo is to be presented in Jasper’s talk at JavaOne tomorrow.)

IRIS Online Demo

Iris works with the Flickr online photo service. What's going on under the hood is the use of a Java applet that receives JavaScript events when clicking on the Iris images to contact the Flickr web service; it actually provides the on screen ability to do remote Flickr operations. (Probably I shouldn’t mention it, shhhh, but this is what semantic Web interfaces can do once they become cool with remote data.).

Hey! Shag me baby!

BTW, thanks to Henry Story for the link to this (he is always sniffing out the good Java stuff).

Posted by AI3's author, Mike Bergman Posted on May 8, 2007 at 8:06 pm in Adaptive Innovation, Semantic Web Tools | Comments (0)
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