Posted:March 9, 2007

Firebug is hardly a secret weapon for aiding serious JavaScript development, but effectively learning what it is and how it works has been somewhat of a secret. That is, until now.

Firebug is a Firefox add-on that integrates development tools to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any Web page. You can inspect and edit HTML, tweak CSS and styles, visualize CSS metrics with DOM highlighting, monitor page and JavaScript loading, debug and profile JavaScript, execute JavaScript on the fly and log its functions, quickly find errors, and explore the DOM. There is no more powerful tool to explain to you what is going on within your browser.

But the problem to date has been discovering and understanding many of the rich aspects of this tool. Firebug’s innovative developer, Joe Hewitt, is shown in this 48-minute screencast to Yahoo! developers about a month ago:

Joe Hewitt introduces Firebug to a developer audience at Yahoo!.

Source: Yahoo! Video (Flash) | (MP4; recommended)

This video provides a real power user’s tour of the recently released version 1.0 of Firebug. It is a must-see for Web developers. The download is advisable to better see Joe’s screen examples.

Joe is a Mozilla developer, who also wrote the original Mozilla DOM Inspector. Joe is a co-founder of Parakey, which I profiled in an earlier post.

Oh, by the way: Firebug is a most deserving winner of the AI3 Jewels & Doubloons award.

Jewels & Doubloons An AI3 Jewels & Doubloons Winner

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