Posted:January 2, 2007

How sweet it is!

I am pleased to announce the release of the most comprehensive and authoritative search engine yet available on all topics related to the semantic Web and Web 2.0. SweetSearch, as it is named, is a custom search engine (CSE) built using Google’s CSE service. SweetSearch can be found via this permanent link on the AI3 blog site. I welcome suggested site additions or improvements to the service by commenting below.

SweetSearch Statistics

SweetSearch is comprised of 3,736 unique host sites containing 4,038 expanded search locations (some hosts have multiple searchable components). Besides the most authoritative sites available, these sites include comprehensive access to 227 companies involved in the semantic Web or Web 2.0, more than 3100 Web 2.0 sites, 53 blogs relating specifically to these topics, 101 non-profit organizations, 219 specific semantic Web and related tools, 21 wikis and other goodies. Search results are also faceted into nine different categories, including papers, references, events, organizations, companies, tools, etc.

Other Semantic Web CSE Sites

SweetSearch is by no means the first Google CSE devoted to the semantic Web and related topics — but it may be the best and largest. Other related custom search engines (with the number of URLs they search) are Web20 (757 sites), the Web 2.0 Search Co-op (310), the University of Maryland’s Baltimore Campus (UMBC) Ebiquity service (65), Elias Torres’ site (160), Andreas Blumauer’s site (20), Web 20 Ireland (67), NextGen WWW (21), and Sr-Ultimate (4), among others that will surely emerge.

General Resources

Besides the general Google CSE site, the development team’s blog and a the user forum for a group of practitioners are also good places to learn more about CSEs.

Vik Singh’s AI Research site is also very helpful in related machine learning areas, plus he has written a fantastic tutorial on how to craft a powerful technology portal using the Google CSE service.

Contributors and Comments Welcomed!

I welcome any contributors who desire to add to SweetSearch. See this Google link for general information about this site; please contact me directly at the email address in the masthead if you desire to contribute. For suggested additional sites or other comments or refinements, please comment below. I will monitor these suggestions and make improvements on a frequent basis.

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