Posted:November 3, 2011

Winter Park, CO RentalMixing Business and Pleasure

I never talk politics here, and rarely speak of sports or family or personal matters. But I’m making an exception today.

Since we lived in Montana a couple of decades back, skiing and the mountains have been a central theme in my family. Both of my kids learned to ski at Lost Trail before they even turned three. Today, both are impressive skiers. (I’m a different story, but that is immaterial. ;) )

We have skied many places across the Western US, all enjoyable and all remarkable. But, our favorite amongst them has been Winter Park, CO (more specifically, Mary Jane — no Jane, no pain). We have been going there for nearly a decade. The slopes and the beauty are, of course, arguments in themselves. But also what makes Winter Park special is that it offers the best deal on earth for lift tickets (with an annual pass) and has a local clientele that is laid back and into substance and not flash.

As our kids have grown and taken on lives of their own, we have come to treasure those chances when all of us can be together. Sking — but summer activities, too — are great ways to make that happen.

So, it is with immeasurable pleasure that we closed the sale today on a new second home in Winter Park. It is absolutely perfect for all things outdoors. And, since we still have regular lives and work, we will be offering our new place for rental for those many weeks we can not enjoy it ourselves. If mountains and beauty and nature are in your calling, let us know. We have a fantastic place to rent to you in one of the most spectacular places on earth.

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