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Listing of 185 Ontology Building Tools

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Earlier Listing is Expanded by More than 30% At the beginning of this year Structured Dynamics assembled a listing of ontology building tools at the request of a client. That listing was presented as The Sweet Compendium of Ontology Building Tools. Now, again because of some client and internal work, we have researched the space again and updated the listing [1]. All new tools are marked with <New> (new only means newly discovered; some had yet to be discovered in the prior listing). There are now a total of 185 tools in the listing, 31 of which are recently new, and 45 added at various…

The Sweet Compendium of Ontology Building Tools

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

140 Tools: 20 Must Haves, 70 Possible Usefuls, and 50 Has Beens and Marginals Well, for another client and another purpose, I was goaded into screening my Sweet Tools listing of semantic Web and -related tools and to assemble stuff from every other nook and cranny I could find. The net result is this enclosed listing of some 140 or so tools — most open source — related to semantic Web ontology building in one way or another. Ever since I wrote my Intrepid Guide to Ontologies nearly three years ago (and one of the more popular articles of this site, though it is now perhaps a bit…

Ontology-Driven Apps Using Generic Applications

Monday, March 7th, 2011

…ware — within this broader context — can be now be generalized as artifacts providing the fulfillment of classes of functions. ODapps: The Ontology-Driven Application Approach Ontology-driven applications — or ODapps for short — based on adaptive ontologies are a topic we have been nibbling around and discussing for some time. In our oft-cited seven pillars of the semantic enterprise we devote two pillars specifically (#4 and #3, respectively) to these two components [15]. However, in keeping with the systems perspective relevant to a transition from software engineeri…

A New Landscape in Ontology Development Tools

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Shifting the Center of Gravity to the OWL API, Web Services Previous installments in this series have listed existing ontology tools, overviewed development methodologies, and proposed a new approach to building lightweight, domain ontologies [1]. For the latter to be successful, a new generation in ontology development tools is needed. This post provides an explication of the landscape under which this new generation of tools is occurring. Ontologies supply the structure for relating information to other information in the semantic Web or the linked data realm. Because of this structural r…

A New Methodology for Building Lightweight, Domain Ontologies

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Bringing Ontology Development and Maintenance to the Mainstream Ontologies supply the structure for relating information to other information in the semantic Web or the linked data realm. Ontologies provide a similar role for the organization of data that is provided by relational data schema. Because of this structural role, ontologies are pivotal to the coherence and interoperability of interconnected data [1]. There are many ways to categorize ontologies. One dimension is between upper level and mid- and lower- (or domain-) level. Another is between reference or subject (domain) ontologies…